Let's get started

I like to travel. I like to visit new places, talk with the people who live there and learn about their culture and customs. I found out one might learn more about a place by spending 10-15 mins with a native/local person than by reading guides, history books, etc. Every experience is unique, filled with a lot of emotions and impressions, and usually I feel enriched and energized when I get back home. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the details of the trips start to fade away and eventually turn into a gray memory instead of staying the vivid and colorful experiences they were.

That's the main reason I decided to start this blog. I also hope that some of the posts will give people an idea where to go or not go and what to do when they visit a place for the first time.

I will describe the places as I've seen and experienced them, so what you'll read is my point of view. Every person has different norms, so the chances of you stumbling on something you disagree with are pretty high. In such case, don't get offended or frustrated, this blog is for fun and is not meant to hurt anyone's feeling, simply leave a comment explaining yourself.



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